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There is a growing movement amongst Roman Catholics asking the Vatican to recognize women priests and embrace the 21st Century.
Since the recent election of Pope Francis, this movement and its demands have been the object of an increased interest - not only from the Christian communities around the world, but also by various organizations fighting for gender equality, inclusiveness and recognition of the roles of women in our societies. God's Daughters presents an intimate portrait of two ordained Roman Catholic women priests, part of a movement of active ordained women who ask to be formally recognized by the Vatican and to be part of the institutional Roman Catholic Church, which excommunicate them automatically as well as the persons conferring or trying to confer an ordination.
The women subject of this documentary are members of the Roman Catholic Woman Priest movement (RCWP), and the film was shot over a period of nine months in 2012-2013. The filmmaker was granted complete access to film their daily lives and duties, resulting in a documentary presenting a human and unvarnished vision of the lives and struggles of these women who fight to be accepted as priests by the Vatican. Through their movement, they promote their vision and goal of establishing a renewed and an all-inclusive Roman Catholic Church.
Their actions go beyond the apparent religious goal to encompass gender equality, fairness of access to various positions regardless of gender, race or sexual preferences, acceptance of married priests, acceptance of same-sex marriage and many contemporary topics that the Vatican ignores or represses.

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